Why Stretch Marks Appear and How to Get Rid of Them

The physical appearance of your skin gives so many clues about your life. These include wrinkles, age spots as well as stretch marks among many other skin’s texture. Wrinkles often give a clue that in fact you are aging while age spots and sun spots hint that perhaps you are suffering from sunburn. However, many people do not know much about stretch marks.

Stretch marks on the skin are due to several causes. These include pregnancy, puberty stage, weught gain, weight lifting as well as a medical condition. Unfortunately, stretch marks do occur in sexy parts of the body. They may occur on the thighs, hips buttocks and even breasts. Some even occur on upper arms and cause a lot of embarrassment especially in the summer where you have to walk half naked.

Causes Of Stretch Marks

Many people believe that stretch marks are due to the stretching of the skin. However, this is not true. Stretch marks occur when glucocortid hormone is secreted by the body due to life events as pregnancy. When the secretion of this hormone takes place, it prevents fibroblasts and collagen from tightening the skin thus causing stretch marks.

Absence of the above proteins in the body leads to separation of deeper skin layers. This causes red striations that give birth to stretch marks. Luckily, skinception intensive stretch mark therapy may completely reduce the appearance or rather prevent any stretch mark occurrence.

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Review

Stretch may be treated by different surgical procedures such as:

· Chemical peels

· Dermabrasion

· Laser Surgery

However, surgery does not guarantee total cure of stretch marks since it depends on your age and skin condition. The procedures have had little success and even insurance plans do not cover them so often.

Stretch Mark Treatment

The human skin must be taken care of in terms of diet for it to stay healthy. Foods that contain vitamins A and C, proteins and zinc contribute to a healthy attractive skin. Eggs, carrots, nuts as well as oily fish and milk are also vital nutrients to the skin. Thus, making these foods a must in your diet leaves your skin looking attractive and reduces symptoms of stretch marks. All these are contained in stretch mark therapy for stretch marks eradication.

Most recently, a clinical study was carried out to determine the effectiveness of Regestril which is an active ingredient of stretch mark therapy. Thirteen women with post-pregnancy stretch marks applied a 2 % concentration of Regestril to the affected parts and the results were nothing but amazing. The results revealed that there was a reduction of 72.5% in terms of stretch marks depth and a 52% in the lengths.

A part from Regestril, this therapy has pro-coll-one+ which stimulated production of collagen by 1190% when applied in a 2% concentration for 56 days in a recent study. It was found out that 78% of those who participated showed a 10% increase in skin’s smoothness and overall improvement.

Intensive stretch mark therapy has been scientifically found to be one of the most effective stretch mark eradicators. It’s safe to the body without any side effects since it’s manufactured with the latest skin care technology. Do you want to get rid of stretch marks? Then this therapy is the way to go!

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