Ways to Hide Stretch Marks

Many people get pretty embarrassed when other people see their stretch marks. In fact, it also decreases one’s self-confidence. And so, people generally would like to hide their stretch marks to avoid embarrassment. Below are top ways to hide stretch marks.


The body areas where stretch marks commonly occur are in the stomach and the thighs. These areas can be easily hidden as the clothes we wear usually cover these areas. When you go on swimming, women can choose one piece swimsuits while men could wear a shirt so their stretch marks will not show.

While stretch marks could also occur on other parts of the body, they are still easy to hide by wearing clothes that could cover them. For the biceps, wear clothes with long sleeves so your upper arms are covered. If your legs also have stretch marks, well, you need to refrain from wearing a pair of shorts. Wear long pants or long skirts instead. Form-fitting clothes are better choices as they tend to hug your body, unlike with loose fit; it is still possible for others to see those stretch marks.

Sunless tanning

Tanning can minimize or reduce the appearance of the stretch marks. You can acquire a tan by sunbathing. You go to the beach and allow the sun to do its job. However, you will need a sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. And if you do not like to be exposed to the harmful UV rays, you can opt for sunless tanning. There are products that you can use to look like you have a tan.

Skin Moisturizing

Visibility of stretch marks can be greatly reduced if your skin is properly moisturized. When your skin contains little moisture, it gets dry and stretch marks become more visible. Stretch marks can disappear over time if you keep yourself properly moisturized every time.


You can use makeup to conceal your stretch marks. There are certain clothes you prefer to wear, but show off your stretch marks. By applying make-up on areas with stretch marks, you can allow more skin to show without being embarrassed of your stretch marks.

If the stretch marks are light and minimal, you can apply on the affected area an ample amount of foundation with a shade similar to that of your skin.  The better choice is the liquid foundation as it can cover the area more effectively. After applying the foundation, dust this over with clear powder to make it stay for longer period.  Use concealer when your stretch marks are darker. Choose the blue neutralizer or the same color of your skin that has a peach or an orange tint and dust the affected area again with a clear powder. This will neutralize the appearance of your stretch marks.

 Scar Removal Creams

There are many available scar removal creams in the market. You need to apply a scar removal cream on the affected areas on a regular basis and their appearance will be reduced significantly over time.

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