Tips to Keep Rosacea in Check This Summer

People who suffer from one of the four sub-types of Rosacea know that during the summer the symptoms of their condition are likely to be more pronounced. There are four things to keep Rosacea in check this summer that every person can do.

Four tips to keep Rosacea in check this summer

1. Use your medicine as it is prescribed.

During the summer it is critical that Rosacea sufferers use the medications that have been prescribed by their dermatologist. Be certain that you do not skip your medication, not even for one day. When you travel place your medication in your carry-on luggage so that you always have it with you, even if your bags get lost, or delayed at the airport.

2. Try not to overheat

This may be the most important of the four tips to keep Rosacea in check this summer. You need to stay cool as much as you can. It is hard to stay cool when you live in an area with high temperatures, or high humidity, but you have to learn the tricks that will help you to beat the heat.

• Whenever you can plan to do outside chores and activities in the early hours of the day before the daytime heating sends the mercury sky-rocketing
• Cool compresses can be applied to your forehead and the back of your neck to help lower your body temperature
• Mist your head with a spray bottle of cool water periodically
• During the hottest part of the day plan to be inside an air-conditioned structure
• Add fans in your home to help keep the rooms cooler and the electric bill lower
• Wear clothing made of natural fibers like cotton
• Wear light colors
• Wear clothing that is loose so the air can circulate around your body and help to keep you cool
• Stay hydrated with cool water and low sugar drinks
• Avoid drinks with alcohol during the heat of the day

3. Wear sunscreen every day

Sunscreen is important for every person whether they suffer from Rosacea or not, but for the people who do have this condition sunscreen is a must. You need to use a sunscreen that provides both UVA and UVB coverage. The SPF of the sunscreen will need to be at least a 30. You need to make putting your sunscreen on a part of your morning ritual so that you are never left unprotected.

Many Rosacea patients have very sensitive skin. You need to try the different varieties of hypoallergenic sunscreens that are on the market.

4. Laser treatments

V-Beam laser treatments can help to reduce visible blood vessels for some Rosacea sufferers.

Be sure to see your dermatologist at the beginning of the summer to make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep this condition under control.

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