Pet Your Way to a Longer, Happier Life

Reams of research, testimonials, and case studies can’t all be wrong. The company of a pet can elevate your mood, lower your blood pressure, compel you to exercise, give you an active social life, and drive away the blues — all signs of a healthy lifestyle.

Top 7 Reasons Why Pets Are Sometimes Better Than Your Doctor

  • Regular exerciseExercise is the number one reason why people with pets tend to have healthier lives than those who don’t have pets. A dog takes walks very seriously, so you can’t skip this routine. And you benefit because of the regular exercise.
  • Love and responsibilities:Some people take better care of themselves when they are responsible for the care of someone else. Having a pet is like having a child to look after. So pet owners tend to be more aware of the importance of diet & exercise and be more alert for signs of illness.

    And what better stress-buster could you find than a non-judgmental, affectionate, and comforting pet that welcomes you home.

  • Boost your immune systemA roll in the grass and a jog is good for both your dog and you. The fresh air and the rush of exercise benefits the immune system gives you a boost in energy.
  • Laughing it offPets are very entertaining, and by watching their antics and talking about them, pets encourage us to look at the lighter side of life. And of course, laughing it off is another proven stress buster.
  • Getting over traumaIn old-age homes, orphanages, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, therapy dogs and other pets are used to supplement post-trauma care. Their presence is found to be soothing, comforting and leads to a faster healing process. Studies have found that post-operative care is more successful for those with pets.
  • It’s all in the headPet owners feel healthy. They report high energy levels, a more laid back lifestyle, and a greater appreciation of the important things in life.
  • Fighting the bluesAfter retirement, pets provide the impetus to people to get out and have an active social life. Visiting the park, going shopping, and pet sitting with friends are all effective in banishing depression and loneliness. A sense of security develops over time, with people depending on their pets to anchor them through emotional upheavals.

A word of caution

Caring for a pet is no less difficult or expensive than caring for a child. So this is not for the busy sales executive or those who are out of town for most of the year. You have to set aside time and space to bring home a pet. Once you do be prepared to invest some time training your pet and making it feel happy and loved.

That said, there’s no doubt that pets can sniff out the livelier, healthier side of you.

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