Homemade Stretch Mark Removal Options

Stretch marks are medically called striae distensae. It appears as linear streaks on the skin, they run perpendicular to maximum line of tension in the skin. Research shows that women are the ones experiencing more stretch marks than men and it occurs near the armpits, groin, thighs, on the breast, and abdomen. A man can have a stretch mark. One of the most embarrassing things is for a beautiful woman to discover that she has a stretch mark, especially at near armpit or breasts. They always wish for looking perfect and maintain their beauty, especially when it comes to skin issues. This article talks about various homemade remedies you can adopt to get rid of your stretch marks.

Homemade Formulas

If you are someone that wants to spend a lot of money in buying lotions and creams for your stretch marks from cosmetics stores, you can make your own remedies at home. Use cocoa butter or vitamin E oil to rub the affected area. This will help reduce the stretch mark on the skin and often goes away completely with routine practice. You can also use a blender machine to combine a little amount of aloe Vera gel and olive oil, 5-6 vitamin E capsules, 4 vitamin A capsules, then blend them altogether and form a mixture which can be stored in a refrigerator. Apply the cooled solutions to the affected area and you will notice a drastic reduction of stretch marks over time.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera for stretch marksAloe Vera has had a good reputation in treating a lot of skin diseases. You can as well make use of it to remove your stretch marks. Combined the substances as stated above in homemade formulate and blend them using blender machine. Get about vitamin A capsules (4 pieces) and a piece of vitamin E capsules, use a very neat needle to cut the capsule. Now, you need to pour it into the mixture. Stir it well to form a soft cream. Apply it anytime on the affected skin. It is advised that the cream should be stored in your refrigerator to maintain its high degree of effectiveness.

Cocoa butter cream

Get ½ cup of cocoa butter, 2 tablespoons of grated beeswax, 1 tablespoon of wheat germ, small amount of kennel oil, and a vitamin E capsule. Mix everything together and put the mixture in a mild flame until everything has melted. Allow the mixture to get cooled and use a clean container to store it. You can then start applying it on the affected area anytime.

Other options

There are several other methods you can use to treat stretch marks, and they include the use of potato, you just have to cut the potato, and then rub it thoroughly on the marks. A few drops of lemon juice, and the banana peels can be very effective. Rub the area in a circular movement until the natural substance turned red or brown.

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