72 Hours Urgent Skincare After Sunburn

If you find your skin becoming red or even blistering after long time outdoor activities in summer, you’re badly sunburned. Studies show that after 3 hours of UV irradiation by the fierce sun, the surface skin of human will get sunburned, even the cells in the dermis will also get hurt and lose vitality. And eventually, skin aging will be accelerated. Therefore, as long as you are exposed to sunlight in outdoors for a long time, no matter your skin is peeled or not, complete skin repairing care in the following 72 hours prime time is essential. There would be 4 steps in total.

1. 6 hours after sunburn: soothing the skin. The first thing you should do is to cool the skin down after sunburn. The basic way is to use a large amount of spray toner. If your face is getting red and hot, you can also use some products such as aloe vera gel and chamomile water to sooth it.

Note: Do not use whitening products right after sunburn, because your skin is fragile and whitening products might cause skin allergies. Use moisturizer only, which won’t increase the burden of the skin.

2. 12 hours after sunburn: replenishing moisture for your skin. When the condition of your skin is stable, it still need a lot of water to repair the damaged cells. At this time, you can use some essences or special sun repairing products. Essence enables your skin to absorb the moisture quickly and recover the healthy status of the dermis with its ingredients. So your skin won’t be damaged after sunburn.

3. 48 hours after sunburn: whitening your skin. Many people are eager to use the whitening products after sunburn. Be patient, here comes this step. If you are not sunburned very badly, you can use the skin whitening products after two days. You can use vitamin C water of 5% concentration to stop the formation of melanin. At the same time, vitamin C can stimulate the growth of collagen and speed up the metabolism of damaged skin.

4. 72 hours after sunburn: deep repairing of skin. Ultraviolet rays from the sunlight will destroy the structure of collagen in our dermis, which will lead to skin aging. So we need a lot of vitamin E and protein to restore the elasticity and thickness of skin. Vitamin E is a powerful natural antioxidant that provides elements for collagen synthesis. Moreover, vitamin E is an effective element to avoid melanin.

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